Mister Wright Dress Labels

DESIGN, NEWS July 7, 2016

Iv’e been working with fave my boss lady babe Stephanie on branding her recently-launched fashion line, Mister Wright since January. Seeing the label samples has only heightened my curiosity and foray into textile design. Getting fresh-of-the-press posters and cards is just okay now. From now on, I want all my work to come back to me embroidered on silk.

It’s pretty great to be involved with this new venture. The dresses are tailored perfectly – in that way where the bones of the  design are so on point that they are invisible and when you wear them you feel like an off-duty, polished supermodel.

Does that sound logical? What I’m saying it that I don’t like to wear dresses, unless  I LIKE to wear a dress, in which case, I’ll wear it down to the fibers. If a compliment could be worn as clothing , it would look like Steph’s pieces.

More coming down the line from both of us this year….


Denier Damask clothing labels for Mister Wright.


Welcome Home Poster Art Show

ART SHOW, PROJECT, recent June 13, 2016

The awesomes over at Human Sciences have partnered with the Refugee Services of Texas to in their words- “(1) provide a gesture of welcome and measure of homeyness, (2) create a bridge between newly resettled families and local arts communities, (3) generate sources of revenue and direct support for Refugee Services of Texas

Here’s my poster contribution which can be purchased at the show, Friday, June 24th along with a pieces from a lineup of other great Austin artists.Opening exhibition at Studium on Friday, June 24th.




FRIENDS //, NEWS March 14, 2015


Getting ready to head to the land of clean streets crystals and giant tech by the beach. San Fransisco bound on Tuesday, early in the morning. I planned an art  sabbatical for myself this year, right around the time SXSW Music commences. I never fully grasped the full sentiment of having a city as a muse. Well, for creative work anyhow. I hated NYC when I first got there and by the time I left, I feared I couldn’t understand myself anywhere else.San Fransisco has become the place where I let go and dive into my self-practice over the past 2 years. Hoping a week is long enough for me relax and get to “work.” Today I met a new rad friend and stellar photographer, Lauren McKinley. Talena Sandlin of New Bo/Brohemia can be credited for the introduction. I met her a few weeks before at New Brohemia after popping into End of an Ear with Mason to throw up some pieces for Tim. I found my new favorite bell bottoms and a rad primary-colored sweatshirt and a surprise interest from Talena in wearing some clothes for the shop. To clarify; modeling in them :) Needles to say, I’m thankful and delighted to be included in a project with such rad women.

Off to more adventures. Hopefully more pictures, too.