Jessica Rose ClarkCommercial Artist + Designer;
Seeker of the extraordinary within the mundane.

8+ years experience providing a range of services tailored to support distinct brand personalities. Delights in expressing concepts across modular systems with meaning and visual fluidity.


Spring Fling at Oldman Jambox
Together Whatever
Best Buds – A Joint Effort Show
Crummy House Launch
Welcome Home Art Show
Sight Unseen


In 2010, I co-founded an art-centered collaborative publishing project called Crummy House.Crummy House worked with independent artists, designers, photographers, and musicians and produced art, music, books and events. Crummy House has collaborated with Los Angeles-based radio show Dublab, Glasgow-based gallery and independent publisher Good Press, independent bookstore Domy Books, Austin-based art collective Common House and individual artists from all over the world. Work from Crummy House has been featured in Beautiful Decay Magazine, Faesthetic art blog and New York online magazine Sight Unseen.